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HP nVidia Quadro 4 980XGL 128MB AGP Dual DVI 308961-002 313285-001  HP nVidia Quadro 4 980XGL 128MB AGP Dual DVI 308961-002 313285-001

NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL - Workstation Graphics Architecture: Integrates workstation-specific functionality to accelerate OpenGL and DirectX professional applications. This results in the industry's fastest application performance and highest image quality. Double the AGP bandwidth for increased application performance: Offers twice the bus bandwidth between the processor and the graphics card, increasing data throughput for graphically intense applications. Supports 128MB DDR unified graphics memory. This memory is dynamically allocated between graphics subsystems for maximum memory utilization. Furthermore, LMA II intelligently optimizes data transfer across NVIDIA's patented crossbar memory controller, delivering blistering sustained data rates. NVIDIA nView - multi-display software: Sets a new standard in workstation productivity by delivering unprecedented stability, image quality and performance. No other solution features rock-solid stability with productivity-enhancing functionality, all seamlessly integrated into the Windows environment.

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